Aluminium Windows, Colchester

Aluminium Windows, a Fantastic Choice

You can’t get a better material for your windows than aluminium as it is lightweight, flexible and recyclable. This incredibly durable material has the ability to encompass large expanses of glazing in very slim frames, so no wonder it has been a popular choice for replacement windows for many years. We only offer you the best quality, best performing aluminium windows, so you can be confident that when you come to A&A Windows for your aluminium windows, your Colchester home will be getting the best possible product on the market today. Due to the inherent quality of aluminium, the aluminium windows from A&A Windows will be designed to complement your home perfectly. Once installed, you can expect these aluminium windows to perform brilliantly for many years to come.

We have been in the home improvement industry for many years, so we have the experience and expertise to offer you only the best quality aluminium windows. You don’t just have to take our word for it though, we hold a host of independent accreditations and approvals from industry leading bodies. These include a Kitemark accreditation and Triple Standards approval. Alongside these, we constantly surpass the quality requirements of current UK Building Regulations.

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Increased Security 

Keeping your family and Colchester home safe is obviously the number one factor for our customers, especially when they are choosing their replacement windows. The good news is that our aluminium windows are highly safe and secure. This is down to the fact that they are fitted with security systems and features that deter unwanted visitors from trying to enter your Colchester home. The double glazing in our aluminium windows is incredibly robust, and we also use a Smart Systems profile as well. Don’t be fooled by their attractive appearance, our aluminium windows are incredibly robust!

Aluminium is a naturally strong and durable material, making the windows incredibly strong. This inherent strength is enhanced by our state of the art locking systems that come as standard in our aluminium windows. Combine these locks with the strength of our double glazing and you will see why so many Colchester homeowners have decided to install our aluminium windows to make their homes safer. When you choose our aluminium windows you can be confident that your home’s security will be improved.

The Smart Systems Alitherm Range

We have decided to partner with the highly regarded Smart Systems Alitherm range, so you can be confident that you are installing the very best aluminium windows in your Colchester home. We chose to partner with them because we believe that the combination of their outstanding appearance and the range of practical benefits that they offer, make them an unbeatable choice of aluminium window. We offer three lines from this brand, each bringing a beautiful aesthetic and a host of performance enhancing features.

When you choose the Smarts Alitherm 300 range, you are rewarded with an aluminium window that is sleek in its design, thanks to the slim sightlines, chamfered edges and square beading as well as a thermal efficiency that other brands can only dream of. If you are looking for a more ornate choice of aluminium window then you might want to think of installing our Smarts Alitherm 600 range. These have an ovolo finish and frame width of 59.5mm alongside a frame to bead depth of 84.5 mm. If you happen to live in a listed building in Colchester, pick the Evolution range as it is a great replacement for classic steel windows.

Aluminium Windows, Epping

Thermally Efficient 

Everyone is trying to save money on their energy bills whilst at the same time trying to help save the environment by using less energy. When you choose to install our aluminium windows, both of these goals are achievable. The Alitherm range will improve your Colchester home’s energy efficiency as they trap all the warmth inside your home. This is down to the fact that they are great at insulating your home, meaning valuable heat isn’t lost to the outdoor air.

When you choose to install our aluminium windows in your Colchester home, you can wave goodbye to draughts and cold spots and keep your home warmer for longer. This is great news for the environment, as you will end up using less heat to keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. This energy reduction will help reduce your carbon footprint in equal measure.

Aluminium Windows Prices, Colchester

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