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CompDoor Composite Doors

We offer the CompDoor composite door, one of the market’s leading maker of composite doors. Our composite doors are the only composites in the UK to feature a solid hardwood core, and 10% thicker than the nearest competitor. The door also has a robust through colour thermoplastic skin which doesn’t affect what colour you choose, so you don’t have to choose security over style. This not only makes them more energy efficient but also more secure. 

CompDoor composite doors are manufactured to the highest standards. The doors security is enhanced thanks to the unique locks, which carries the industry’s largest deadbolt. Giving your home security without compromising on the smooth operating system, this means that you and your family can sleep safely with the knowledge that the only people inside your home will be the ones you have invited.

Every composite door should match the colour and style of any home, and the CompDoor is no different. Our customers can have the choice from various different style of doors, accessories such as handles, letter plates and doorknobs, glass styles, 18 frame combinations and 20 colours inside and out of the door. Why not make your home truly unique with one of our composite doors!

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High Security & CompDoors Guarantee

CompDoor’s standard range of high quality handles, escutcheons and letterplates are taken from Fab & Fix’s Balmoral and Architectural ranges, perfectly crafted to be functional, safe and look great. We offer door restrictors paired with our doors, they are designed to to limit the opening range of the door making it difficult for intruders to gain access to your property. These come in chrome, gold and graphite to not only enhance security, but match the style of your door.



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Take a look through our CompDoor brochure to see if you can gain any inspiration for your next home improvement project. We look forward to seeing which style of door you choose for your home in Harlow, Essex.

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