French Doors, Southend-On-Sea

Enjoy the Traditional European Aesthetic of French Doors

French doors are a popular choice of doorway among Southend-On-Sea homeowners. Emulating a beautiful European aesthetic that’s unique to this design, these products are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your family and guests alike. Whether you live in an older heritage home or a more modern and up-to-date property, you’ll find that these door designs fit right in. By utilising the market-leading Deceuninck profile, we can offer a door that outclasses all others.

Our teams boast years of experience when it comes to installing home improvements of all kinds, and our incredible French doors are no different. Each a qualified expert in their own right, every member of our team is trained and experienced when it comes to installing the latest products. We take care to follow the Glass and Glazing Federation’s Code of Practice, and have been officially recognised as a Trading Standards approved company for our dedication to quality.

french doors southend-on-sea

Market-Leading Profiles

We make use of the best materials in the business, which consists of a specifically crafted uPVC design, to offer extreme security prospects and incredible thermal benefits. The Deceuninck profile that we use in our manufacturing process can be split into two distinct product-lines where our French doors are concerned. The first, the Heritage 2800, offers smooth contours and symmetry, along with a large contact-surface area and sound-proof properties that make it ideal for those living in busy areas.

On the other hand, you can choose the Traditional 2500 designs, which combines internal glazing and couple sidelights for security levels that surpass PAS 24 standards. This means that our French doors are some of the most secure products available on the market. At the same time, this profile boasts a series of thermal mechanisms that cause our Deceuninck profiles to have high Window Energy Ratings, which means you’ll spend less on central heating. Read on to find out more.

Maximum Security with A&A

As mentioned above, our incredible French doors are PAS 24 certified, meaning that they’ve been officially recognised for their security prospects. Dedicated multi-point locking mechanisms work in tandem with a sturdy framework and reinforced double glazing for a near-impenetrable product. The result is a doorway that is able to protect you from any and all intruders.

At the same time we want you to feel comfortable in your home, which is why our French doors are also crafted from a highly resistant form of uPVC. This material more easily wards off the damaging effects of warping and rotting that can settle in if you’re using a lacklustre material. This way, you’re not only protected from unwanted persons, but all weathers as well.

french doors southend-on-sea

Keep Your Home Warm with Modern Front Doors

The Kitemarked sealed-units that make up our French door profiles are just one of the many aspects that serve to make our products so energy efficient. Unlike outdated wooden materials, modern French doors are made from a fine brand of uPVC that blocks potential draught points and acts as an efficient thermal barrier. By warming your home naturally, you rely less on central heating.

It’s not just the profile itself that contributes to this efficiency. Our French doors also include low sight-line gaskets and specifically crafted weather-seals which help to trap warmth within your home. The double glazing that makes up the glass in all our products is also reinforced so as to trap heat easily. The result? Lower energy bills as you stop manually warming your home as often.

Get a Price on Your French Doors with A&A

If you want to get a price on your French doors that’s entirely bespoke to you and your home improvement project, then get in touch with us today.  By calling 01279 30 40 30 now, you’ll get through to one of our specialists who’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and services. You can find more information over on our contact page.

At the same time, we also have a tool right here on our website that can save you the time of getting in touch with us. If you’re just looking for a quick quotation, then check out the A&A pricing engine. This handy program has been designed for our websites and generates prices at the click of a button. It doesn’t cost anything and is easy-to-use, so feel free to give it a go.

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