uPVC Doors, Southend-On-Sea

Explore A&A’s Stunning Collection of uPVC Doors

Crafted from one of the most popular construction materials around, our modern uPVC doors are designed to keep your home comfortable and secure all year round. No matter what design you settle on, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a market-leading product that keeps the wind and rain at bay whilst also keeping you warm within your home. Treat your guests to an eye-catching first impression with one of our magnificent uPVC doors.

We deliver our uPVC doors to homeowners living throughout Southend-On-Sea and the surrounding areas and offer a huge variety of customisation options that allow you to tailor your product to suit your specific requirements. With numerous colours to choose from, it’s easy to match your new door to the existing architectural design, and we also offer hardware modifications that include handles, thresholds and more.

uPVC Doors That Keep You Warm & Safe

Modern uPVC is a popular material for a reason. Known for its ability to trap heat within a home, this incredible product allows us to craft uPVC doors that keep heat in naturally. Furthermore, our profiles are designed to block potential draught-points and cold ingress. This leads to helping your home achieve a better Window Energy Rating, which is great for you. In a nutshell, this means that you don’t have to rely on central heating as much, saving you money.

The same reinforcements that keep your home warm also keep it more secure. Competing products can’t match up to modern uPVC doors when it comes to sturdy profiles, and the intricate multi-point locking mechanisms we utilise in our designs keep your home safe from intruders. At the same time uPVC is remarkably resistant to the damaging effects of weather and time, preventing the onset of issues such as rot or damp and keeping your door in action for years to come.

uPVC Doors, Southend-On-Sea

Choose from a Range of uPVC Doors

Here at A&A Windows, we offer a huge variety of designs when it comes to your uPVC doors. You can rest easy knowing that your product is bespoke and crafted specifically for you. Read on to see what sort of styles we can offer:

Front & Stable uPVC Doors

You can’t go wrong with a standard doorframe, and our uPVC doors represent the best in this range. Smart, sturdy and incredibly secure, these doorways are guaranteed to impress your friends and family alike. The classic appeal of front doors allows them to blend in perfectly with either rural or urban property designs, and our stable doors offer a unique opening functionality and all the charm of a country cottage.

French & Emergency uPVC Doors

French doors bring a contemporary European aesthetic to your home and combine modern double glazing with a stunning frame design for a winning home improvement. They’re easily one of the most graceful choices you can make when it comes to doors. Our panic-bar-fitted emergency doors on the other hand give you an easy-out in difficult situations and are fitted with dedicated locking mechanisms for maximum security.

Patio & Bi-Fold uPVC Doors

If you’re after a little more glamour in your installation, consider our patio or bi-folding doors. These amazing products are great for showing off larger garden spaces, and if you often entertain guests in the summer months these might be the product for you! The sliding and folding functions allow the doors to easily open or close, maximising space and letting light flood in through large glass panes.

The Residence 9 Collection

Residence 9 doors on the other hand provide all the traditional character of classic wooden home improvements, but with the durability and security prospects offered by modern uPVC. If you live in an older heritage home, then this is the best choice for you since it allows you to update your doors without compromising on the particular aesthetic style you love.

uPVC doors, Southend-On-Sea

uPVC Doors Prices, Southend-On-Sea

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